Celebrations and Events

Please become involved as a CMS community member. The enclosed sheet outlines how you can do so.

Volunteers enjoy the rewarding experience of meeting other parents and supporting CMS.

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  • New Family Orientation Meetings

    These meetings are designed for new parents, and all parents are welcome. We will discuss transitions, daily routines and principles of Montessori education.

    Classroom Orientation Meetings

    These parent meetings are hosted by each teacher to offer practical information about the class routines and celebrations. This is an opportunity to meet other parents in the classroom.

    Welcome Morning Coffee

    Join Head of School, Deborah Bricker, and PTO representatives after dropping off the children to discuss what is happening in the classrooms as the children settle in at school.

    Adolescent Community Odyssey

    This a three day overnight camping trip at the start of school. The outdoor program focuses on cooperation and trust activities, leadership development, and team building exercises.

    PTO Fall Family Picnic

    This annual pot-luck picnic is a favorite of all families.

    International Day of Peace

    The International Day of Peace is celebrated world-wide on September 21.  Upper elementary students organize and participate in a CMS community gathering.


  • Outdoor Education Trip

    The upper elementary students and their teacher begin the year with a camping event. Students participate in an outdoor recreation program that includes canoeing, zip-lining, rock-climbing, hiking, orienteering, and team building.

    Annual Fund Appeal

    CMS relies on the critical support of annual giving to sustain our mission. Please consider a donation when you receive your appeal.

    Primary Harvest Celebration

    Our primary students’ annual trip to a farm celebrates the season of harvest.  Parents accompany their child on this trip.

    Elementary Halloween Celebration

    Elementary children dress in a costume theme that is determined each year.  Parents may watch the presentation in the morning of characters and costumes.


  • Admissions Open House

    The school, with the assistance of parents and with representation from the Board, PTO, and alumni, hosts the first of two open houses for prospective families.

    Come-to-School Events

    Each student enjoys an opportunity twice a year to come to school with his/her parents to share favorite activities. Our Young Child Community does not participate in this event.

    Stone Soup

    The primary communities celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast of stone soup.  Each student contributes an ingredient to prepare a communal luncheon in their classroom. This traditional celebration is held mid-morning so that all children are able to participate before noon dismissal.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Twice a year school is closed for two days to allow parents and teachers to discuss each student’s life at school. Childcare is available for enrolled CMS students for the duration of your conference. Our first is scheduled in November.


  • PTO Holiday CraftWorkshop

    This is a PTO sponsored event that joins parents and students to make holiday crafts.

    Winter Program

    Primary extended day students and elementary students will perform a selection of seasonal songs on stage at Anne Arundel Community College’s Pascal Theater. Primary children carry greens to “Deck the Halls”.

    Primary Program

    All primary children have the opportunity to perform holiday songs for their parents. We will gather together for songs in the CMS library and then host individual holiday parties in each primary classroom.


  • Parent Meeting: Adolescent Community Introduction

    An informative evening designed for parents of elementary students to learn about the adolescent program. All parents are welcome.

    Parent Meeting:  Elementary Community Introduction

    An informative evening designed for parents of primary students to learn about the elementary program from teachers and alumni. All parents are welcome.

    Admissions Open House

    The school, with the assistance of parents and with representation from the Board, PTO, and alumni, hosts a second open house for prospective families.


  • Parent Meeting: Primary Extended Day Introduction

    An informative evening designed for parents of young primary students to learn about the extended Montessori day. All parents are welcome.

    PTO Family Winter Event

    A fun outing planned by the PTO for CMS families. In the past we have gone ice skating, held a square dance, and a sock hop.

    Jump Rope for Heart

    Elementary students gather to jump rope in support of the American Heart Association.

    Come-to-School Events

    Each student enjoys a second opportunity to come to school with his/her parents to share favorite activities. Our Young Child Community does not participate in this event.

    Staff Appreciation Luncheon

    This luncheon, held on the second professional development day of the school year, is one way CMS parents thank the faculty and staff.


  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

    School is closed for two days for our second scheduled conference time to allow parents and teachers to discuss each student’s life at school. Childcare is available for enrolled CMS students for the duration of your conference.

  • CMS Annual Benefit

    Each year the Board of Trustees sponsors the school’s largest and most significant annual fundraiser for adults to support the children of CMS. Join us for an evening of fun, food, and drink. The theme of the auction changes each year, and classroom auction items are a reflection of the theme.

    Presidential Physical Fitness

    Each year our elementary students participate in Presidential Physical Fitness Activities.

  • May Day Baskets

    Along with the Annapolis community, each class celebrates May Day by creating a traditional May Day basket.  Each child in the community contributes a fresh flower for the class basket. These lovely creations are displayed in front of the school at the end of the morning.

    Grandparents’ Days

    Grandparents are invited to attend one of two Grandparents’ Days to see their grandchild’s classroom, see their work, and meet his/her friends. After their visit they join the Head of School, Deborah Bricker, for refreshments. An RSVP is necessary.

    PTO Spring Fair

    The PTO’s largest single event is the Spring Fair. This is an annual event held on school grounds. Performances by the primary and elementary children include a May Pole dance by the elementary students. Other activities include games and a plant sale. All proceeds benefit the children of CMS

  • Primary Tea

    Students in the last year of primary are honored by a special ceremony and teaheld in their classroom. Parents and relatives join in this celebration.

    Fine Arts Night

    This evening is held at Anne Arundel Community College’s Pascal Theater. The early elementary chorus performs a musical program, and the upper elementary students perform a play. All families are welcome.

    8th Grade Graduation

    This formal celebration of our graduating students is held on the CMS campus. Graduates share speeches about their CMS experience. All families are welcome.

    Field Day

    A morning of traditional outdoor games for all students on the last day of school.

    PTO Year-End Family Picnic

    A final gathering of families is held at Sandy Point State Park during the last week of school. This BYO picnic dinner is under a pavilion and features a playground and plenty of sand and water to make this a fun event for all!

  • PTO Meetings

    The PTO meets three times a year to review and plan its events, rally the volunteers, and encourage parent involvement at school. The meetings are generally in September, February, and May.

    PTO Fall Fundraiser

    The PTO organizes a fall fundraiser to raise money for PTO family activities, including cultural arts programs.

    PTO Cultural Arts

    The PTO sponsors several in-house cultural events for all students. Past events include a jazz band, puppeteer, singers, theatrical performers, and dancers. A wide variety of styles and cultures are represented.

    Parent Education Evenings

    Several discussions by teachers are presented throughout the year for parents to promote a greater understanding of Montessori pedagogy.

    Buddy Family

    Consider welcoming a new family to CMS and volunteer to serve as a buddy family.

    Coffee Klatches with Deborah Bricker

    Throughout the year Deborah Bricker, Head of School, will host a parent meeting for parents in the elementary kitchen to discuss current parenting topics.