Chesapeake Montessori School has a staff of 25, including teachers, classroom assistants, and administrative staff.

All Montessori teachers at CMS were trained at an Association Montessori Internationale center. In order to earn the AMI Assistant to Infancy (toddler) or Primary Diploma (ages 2 1/2 to 6), a teacher must hold a bachelor’s degree and undergo a year of extensive training. To earn an AMI Advanced Diploma (ages 6 to 12) a teacher must hold a bachelor’s degree and undergo a year of additional study at an AMI center. To qualify as an AMI Adolescent Teacher (ages 12 to 14) a teacher must hold a bachelor’s degree and complete the Orientation to Adolescence training session. Most of our Montessori teachers also hold master’s degrees.

Equally important to the richness and quality of our staff is the on-going professional development encouraged at CMS. This includes workshops, refresher courses, introduction to current education and social thought, and review of Montessori theory and practice through our regular staff meetings. Staff development is supported by administration and the Board of Trustees.

Our Staff :
Kris Bettencourt ~ Before-School Care, Primary 1 Assistant
Deborah Bricker ~ Head of School
Ron Chambless ~ Math Teacher
Stacey DeChant ~ Director of Admissions & Development
Shandra Dohoney ~ Primary 3 Directress
Caroline Duffy ~ Primary 3 Assistant
Meg Fink ~ Adolescent Program Teacher
Erin Foley ~ Adolescent Program Teacher
Chantou Gerdes ~ Young Child Community Directress
Michelle Guy ~ Primary 1 Directress
Jenna Hornick ~ Administrative Assistant
Enas Khrais ~ Primary 2 Assistant
Joan Kludy ~ Physical Education
Susie Moore ~ After-School Care
Teddy Peyton ~ Elementary Assistant
Kathy Sage ~ Elementary Directress
Ruth Seerey ~ Business Manager
Heather Strang ~ Nap and After-School Care Director
Amanda Stubbs ~ Elementary Assistant
Ashley Stubbs ~ Librarian, Classroom Assistant
Linda Thoms ~ Primary 2 Directress
Amy Trader ~ Young Child Community Assistant
Virginia Viscovic ~ Elementary Directress
Marie Després Weeks ~ French Teacher
Robb Wirts ~ Assistant Head of School, Adolescent Program Director